Ben Affleck Squashes Marriage Problem Rumors

So, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s marriage has us split. Half of us thinks they have the cutest and most respected marriage in Hollywood and the other half of us thinks there might be cheating and Ben spends every awards show desperately trying to get back into his wife's good graces through awkward acceptance speech apologies. 
Well, Ben set the record straight during his "SNL" monologue. Sort of.
If you recall, when Ben won the Oscar this year, he thanked his wife Jen and made a comment about how their marriage is “work.”
Well, the Internet tore Ben a new one, basically saying, “why did you call your marriage ‘work?’ Don’t you love your wife, Ben?”
So, Ben had some groveling to do on Saturday night.
He opened "SNL" with, “Some uncharitable souls on the Internet took that to mean our marriage is some kind of manual labor.”
He joked, sort of. Nobody laughed.

Then Jen made a surprise appearance and joked with Ben, “I’m not sure why you had to share it live to a billion people. Also, why did you call our marriage, ‘work,’ why couldn’t you have called it ‘a gift?’”
It was so awkward and it really only supported the claim that Ben is always apologizing to his wife.
Honestly, Ben, we forgot about your Oscar speech snafu, you didn’t need to bring it up again. You made it weird, bro.
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