Anne Hathaway Making Staff Call Her “Miss Hathaway”?!

Anne Hathaways smug attitude has put her on shaky ground with fans and friends for months — and her latest demand certainly won’t help,” begins a piece from Star.
So, what has the star supposedly done now?
According to a so-called “insider” for the tab, “Anne is making everyone on her staff call her Miss Hathaway, even the ones who have been with her for years!”
The purported “source” goes on to allege, “It’s a new rule since her Oscar win, and when someone accidentally called her Anne, she reprimanded him big-time.”
“What’s next, she refers to herself in third person? It’s ridiculous!” complains the fake spy.
Star’s bogus mole further claims that Hathaway is also annoying her team by “openly comparing herself to Grace Kelly.”
“People just can’t take her arrogance,” says the supposed insider.
Oh, please.
This ridiculousness is coming from a publication which recently reported Hathaway was trading in her dog for a “stylish new puppy” in order to be seen as “hip” in Hollywood.
Translation: The mag likes to fabricate stories that make the actress seem unlikeable because that’s the tabloid trend of the moment.
It all amounts to nothing.
A rep for Hathaway tells CT9 there’s “no truth at all” to the tab’s silly tale, adding, “Most people in her life call her Annie not Anne, anyway.”
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