Amanda Bynes Tweets Topless Photos, Police Visit Her House

In case anyone was concerned about the condition of Amanda Bynes’s iPhone, it’s still working. It’s 100% charged. It’s got full reception, all bars. In fact, it's now tweeting topless photos.
Just yesterday, Amanda stripped down to her bra with two revealing twitpics, but all roads were inevitably leading to this: more revealing twitpics.
 It’s like her selfies are gremlins. They started out cute and harmless, but then she got them wet, fed them after midnight, and this is the monstrous result: breasts, gnashing their teeth at bright lights.
“Rawr!” reads the caption, her hand over her left breast as she scrunches her face at the camera.
“Long hair don’t care,” she writes in a second photo, her blond locks totally NOT CARING as they lay across her right boob.

Amanda’s been spending a lot of time in her bathroom these days—a green-tinged lit cube that looks straight out of a Saw movie—maybe she’s just trapped in there and crying for help?
That’s what former Hollywood publicist Jonathan Jaxson appeared to think.
He called the cops on her.
And everyone knew exactly when they arrived because Jenny McCarthy let everyone know exactly when on her Twitter account, writing:
“Police are at @AmandaBynes house. I hope they get her help. Enough of this circus. She needs help.”
No details regarding the circumstances of that outcome.
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