Amanda Bynes Arrested and Charged With Felony

Despite claiming that she doesn’t do ANY drugs…Amanda Bynes has just been arrested for drug possession.
Here’s a timeline the events from last night.
-Amanda is smoking a joint in the lobby of her apartment building, acting erratically and talking to herself. An official in Amanda's building calls the cops because she was reportedly smoking weed in public. 
 -The police arrive and she lets them right into her apartment. They spot a bong in her home and right in front of the cops, Amanda throws the thing out the window. Martin Speechley with the NYPD tells CT9, “the real serious charge here is that she was charged with a felony. She has a felony charge because she threw the bong out of the window and that is considered tampering with evidence.”

-They placed Amanda under arrest and apparently she started yelling, “Don’t you know who I am?” a la Reese Witherspoon.
-Amanda was temporarily taken to a hospital a psychiatric evaluation, but was then taken to the station for booking.
-Then, just before midnight she was taken to night court and is still waiting there in a holding cell to see a judge for sentencing.
Those are the facts. Hopefully this arrest was the wake-up call she needs to get help and get off all the drugs she insists she’s not doing. 
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