After the morning sickness, it’s one of the worst parts about being pregnant: people vomiting up unsolicited name suggestions for your baby.
Ticking baby bomb Kim Kardashian is one of the most watched baby bumps in entertainment right now, of which everyone has an opinion. Including Snooki.
The “Jersey Shore”-ette, who has a newborn of her own, took to her blog to throw out a few baby name suggestions for Kim and her boo, Kanye West.
"So, if Kim Kardashian has a boy, I think it should be named Kougar," she wrote, unaware that Kim and Kanye aren’t giving birth to a stuffed animal, but a human person.
She also clarified its spelling (not that she had to since there’s no way they’re naming their kid this. "With a ‘K,' so it can fit in the family business."

If she has a girl? Well, the name is an obvious choice (to Snooki, anyway): Kat.
"Because Kat is like sexy like Kim," the reality star wrote, since that’s what all parents want to do with their children—sexualize them the second they enter the world.
"But then you can do it with a ‘K,’” Snooki made sure to note, “so she can still be in the family business."
While it’s the thought that counts, we’re not sure Kim and Kanye will be taking these suggestions seriously. They’ll probably want to break the “K” namesake like Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick did with their children.
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