7 Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Also Heirs and Heiresses

The classic tale of a Hollywood star is that he/she came from humble middle class upbringings, or in some very inspiring cases from nothing, moved to Hollywood, did the work and earned their fortunes.

A more typical tale is of a successful Hollywood star with well-connected parents or families that helped boost their careers. The "famous for being famous" archetypes.

At the end of the day, both camps are basically sleeping in beds of money.

The less typical tale, however, is a combination of the two. A thriving actor or actress whose talent helped them climb the ranks, not their family money.

Here are seven celebrities who were already sleeping in cribs of money, and yet you didn't even realize it…

Julia Louis-Dreyfus – This is one of those facts that once you learn it, you never forget. The "Veep" actress is successful in her own right, so it's surprising to learn that she also just so happens to be an heiress to the Louis-Dreyfus Group, a French company her great-great-grandfather built in the 1850s, that's worth…wait for it…$3 billion. Yeah. Elaine. From "Seinfeld." Worth $3 billion.

Anderson Cooper – Just look at that face. That hair. Those steely marble eyes. You can kind of tell Anderson came from old American money. The CNN news anchor is the son of Gloria Vanderbilt, a celebrity heiress to the Vanderbilt empire estimated to be worth $100 million.

Armie Hammer – The actor made his mark when he portrayed the walking-and-rowing-millionaires the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network. Take a deeper look at his family tree and you'll learn that he's of the same Hammer petroleum empire founded by oil tycoon, Armand Hammer. The business's net worth? $200 million.

Edward Norton – Besides Death to Smoochy, when you think Edward Norton, you generally associate him with his urbane taste in film projects. His acting prowess alone was what got him a critically acclaimed career, but had it all gone south, he'd still be the grandson of James W. Rouse—a pioneering real estate developer who invented the modern shopping mall.

Chevy Chase – Bare with us here. Chevy's mother's stepfather, Cornelius Vanderbilt Crane is an heir to Canada's Crane Plumbing business, a toilet empire. TOILETS.

Balthazar Getty – The "Brothers & Sisters" actor came from a brood of brothers and sisters also lined with cash. He's the great-grandson of Armie Hammer's great-great-grandfather's biggest rival—J. Paul Getty. Balthazar's petroleum empire is worth $2 billion.

Brooke Shields – This is going to get a bit MyHeritage.com up in here, but here's what Brooke inherited: status. Her dad's mom (Brooke's grandma) was a princess of the House of Torlonia, a molto, molto, molto rich Italian family who overlooked the Vatican's finances for two centuries. Her dad's dad (Brooke's grandpa) was an elite U.S. tennis pro. Her dad was a chief executive at Revlon and Estee Lauder. She's an heiress to the aristocracy, a standing just as valuable as a multi-million dollar empire.
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