Watch Beyoncé vs. All The Beyoncés Dance Off in Video Retrospective

Beyoncé has a new Beyoncé brainwashing video out for Beyoncé featuring Beyoncé dancing like Beyoncé with multiple Beyoncés.

There's also a Pepsi can there so we can have something simpler and less talented for the viewer to relate to and also because it's a commercial.

In the ad, the singer confronts her past music video selves—"Crazy In Love" Beyoncé, "Single Ladies" Beyoncé, "Et Cetera" Beyoncé—then has a glass-shattering dance off with them "Clash of Titans" style. Not only does she make us all bow down to her, 2013 Beyoncé makes the 2002–2012 Beyoncés bow down as well. This is the part where you remember the lyric "baby, I swear it's déjà vu" then blast the song on your iPod for the remaining 12 hours of the day.

What makes this Pepsi promo so satisfying is that it quenches our thirst for some new Beyoncé music. The song "Grown Woman" rumbles through the audio of the spot, tying into the narrative theme of the singer navigating her stratospheric rise in entertainment.

If at this point you've fainted at your desk from a severe case of what doctors across this country are referring to as Beyoncénitis (the clinical diagnosis of TOO MUCH BEYONCÉ), then we must leave your stone cold unconscious a$$ behind because it's weak. Too weak for a projected future ran by Queen Bey and her dancing army of Beyoncés.

Personally, we still feel like there just isn't enough Beyoncés here. Quantitatively, there's no such maximum number it seems. It's like most piecewise functions in Calculus, the limit does not exist.
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