Wah! Wah!: Hollywood's Biggest Whiners

Celebrities harboring their true feelings is like a part-time job (they have images to uphold), but sometimes their true feelings shine through and it's not always the most happy. They're human, so we can't really expect them to be happy all the time, but sometimes it happens so often they become a never-ending downer. Guess that's the price you pay for having a priceless lifestyle.

Here are a few celebs who might want to consider lightening up a little…
Miley Cyrus - Miley just bein' Miley. Which is to say the epitome of the attention-seeking high schooler archetype. Most recent being Miley telling the media to stop writing about her and then immediately posting a video of herself twerking in a unicorn costume, which is basically begging to be written about.
Kristen Stewart - We're sure she's grateful and humbled by her success, but that doesn't stop her from constantly making sour statements about how much she dislikes her said success.

Christina Hendricks - The "Mad Men" star defied the laws of physics by making an illogical statement about how her red hair keeps her from getting acting jobs. Mainly because Christina's not even a natural redhead, so maybe spend some of that paycheck on a new hair color instead of playing the blame game? Cue our eye roll.
Justin Bieber - When you grow up receiving constant validation from everyone for every little thing, the second you start making a string of mistakes, it's impossible to hold yourself accountable. Singing robot Justin wasn't programmed to ever admit doing anything wrong because everyone's constantly telling him he's right—that's all just negativity. It's always someone else's fault that YOU didn't bring the necessary paperwork to save your monkey from getting confiscated by German customs.
Lindsay Lohan - You can't fix your problems unless you recognize them. This is why Lindsay keeps getting into trouble and saying it's someone else's doing. It's the first rule of being LiLo.
Chris Brown - Chris whines that people don't want to give him a second/third/fourth/twenty-third chance. Have a heart, society! Haven't you noticed all the hours of community service he faked?!
Brandi Glanville & LeAnn Rimes - This mutated Chimera of complainers have made a career out of whining about each other in the pres
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