Vinny Guadagnino: I Would Marry Snooki and Screw Kim Kardashian

If you watched “Jersey Shore” as diligently as we did, you would know that Vinny Guadagnino and Snooki smushed that one time.
It was kind of a thing. Don’t worry about it. So when Vinny came to the Hollyscoop studio, we HAD to know what’s going on with him romantically, specifically who he chooses in a game of Kill, Marry, F**k.
Turns out he has a girlfriend named Melanie Iglesias, who is a hot model, but that doesn’t mean Vinny turned down a game of Kill, Marry, F**k with us.
We asked Vinny, “Kill, Marry, F**k. Your choices are Kim Kardashian, Snooki, or Amanda Bynes.”
Without hesitation he rattles off, “F*ck Kim K, Kill Amanda Bynes, Marry Snooki.”

Awww, poor Amanda Bynes. It is not a good day to be Amanda.
But Snooki? Really? Even after their fateful “One Night At The Shore?” Does that mean he has *~*~Feelings~*~* for her?
Vinny explains that whatever happened between him and Snooki was just a hookup, “you try things sometimes and you got to get it out of your system with that person its like we are just friends this is not going to work.”
Who else is Vinny crushing on (besides his GF)?
“Girls I think are pretty and stuff like Mila Kunis and the girl from ‘Glee’ Naya Rivera. I think she is really pretty, I like exotic looking chicks,” he gushes.
So, Kim K, Mila Kunis and Naya Rivera...if you ladies ever find yourself single...Vinny will be waiting for you.
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