Two Charged Over Topless Kate Middleton Photos

Justice is finally served. Or, rather, about to be served.
Two photographers have been officially charged with invasion of privacy over those topless Kate Middleton photos that were, well, hella invasive.
Like the top half of the Duchess’ bikini, France’s judicial system isn’t just flinging this issue to the side and letting it out to dry like it ain’t no thang.
French authorities gave this crime the royal treatment, a thoroughly investigated seven months to identify the men and/or women behind the lens.

The two filed against include Ernesto Mauri, the publisher of Closer, which purchased and printed the images for the rest of the world to shake their heads over.
Not confirmed, but the second offender in this case is reportedly photographer Valerie Suau, who works for French online publication La Provence. Closer isn’t identifying her as the second name.

Whoever is wrapped up in this with Ernesto better be ready for the long haul. French lawyer Aurélien Hamelle, the guy who repped designer John Galliano during Galliano-gate, is no stranger to celebrity
controversies. Last fall, Kate and Prince William tapped him to take over legal proceedings.
Their first victory was winning an injunction against Closer and its parent company, which halted further dispersal of the images and required them to turn over all related materials. They were also fined $2,500 in damages.
You can be sure that they’re going for the closest sentence they can get to “Off with their heads!” Which in this case is a jail sentence.
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