Taylor Swift Pays CASH for $17 Million Home

Taylor Swift has just scooped up a Rhode Island mansion to the tune of $17 million and she paid for it with cash.
We don't even buy coffee with cash. So, that makes Taylor’s fourth mansion? Taylor Swift is like, rapper status now.
Add this bit of real estate to her Hyannis Port mansion, her Beverly Hills home, her Nashville mansion, and her Nashville condo.
Oh wait. She already sold the Hyannis Port mansion because Taylor has gotten into flipping houses lately. She made a profit of $1 million buying and quickly selling the Cape Cod home.
So, is Taylor going to do that with the Rhode Island place? Because why would Taylor live in Rhode Island?
Movers were spotted bringing furniture into the home this morning, meaning Tay probably intends to move into the place.  She HAS been giving off a WASPy yacht club style vibe lately.
The house is apparently famous in Rhode Island, known as the Harkness House, with 11,000 square feet of east coast luxury.
Just to put it into perspective, Taylor paid $17 million for the new home but only spent $3.7 mil on her Beverly Hills home.
But with a net worth of $80 million, Tay has to invest the money somehow. Investing in relationships with 18-year-old boys obviously wasn’t giving her the return she was expecting.
Fun fact: When disneyland was built, it cost $17 Million dollars, the same price as Taylor's new home.
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