Rare Teenage Modeling Photos of Angelina Jolie Surface

Proof, that at one time, Angelina Jolie actually had flesh on her bones.
A photo shoot from when Angelina Jolie was 16 has surfaced on the Internet and the photos are GORGY.
In one photo, Angie wears nothing but a bandeau top and stares seductively away from camera. It’s kind of pervy, because like, she’s 16.
 We can’t help but notice that Angie was a little rounder, she had curves, but somehow over time, she lost most of her body weight yet her breasts got larger. Hmmm...
In other photos she wears a gorgeous bodycon dress (a precursor to the Herve Leger wrap dress, we’re sure) as she leans back and yet again, gazes off-screen.

It’s a very dramatic photo shoot, as are all things when you're 16.
It’s hard to believe this is from the same period when Angie claimed to be suffering from depression and had her much older boyfriend move in with her and her mom.
A lot of the photos feature Angie holding her frail hands to the sky in what Tyra Banks might refer to as “being fierce.”
Also, it’s a rare moment to see Angie without any of her tattoos and before her legs became the size of pixie sticks.
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