Picture: Amanda Bynes Shaves Half Her Head

At what point do you officially become a ratchet?
For Amanda Bynes, that day came when she shaved one half of her head, posted a photo of it on Twitter, and then wrote, “I buzzed half my head like @cassie!”
Amanda admitted a few weeks ago that a salon butchered her hair, so she had to shave it all off. That platinum blonde hair you’ve been seeing is actually a very expensive weave.
So, we’re assuming that Amanda is STILL wearing a weave, but now she only does it on one side of her head.

You know what though? We really like the half shaved head better than those long white strands. Her blonde wig-like hair always looked itchy.
Amanda also likes the new style, writing, “This is the new me! I love it!”
She also wrote, “No more old photos!” because dayum, that girl is obsessed with which photos the gossip world uses to accompany stories about her.
In case you weren’t aware, Amanda Bynes spends about 50% of her day posting photos on Twitter and telling the tabloid world to ONLY use those pictures, as if we’re going to listen to the girl with metal rods through her cheeks.
In related news, Amanda Bynes just announced that she is “Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen rich," which means Amanda must be worth about $300 million. Several Internet “Net Worth” counting sites have put Amanda’s worth at $4 million, but sure if she wants to think she’s got $300 million let her have it.
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