Miley's Parents Worried About Her

Billy Ray Cyrus has been trying really hard to be the “cool dad.”
“Sure you can get married at 20. You like weed, go for it? Wanna dress like an ambiguously boyish prostitute? Sure!” – Billy Ray to Miley Cyrus, probably.
But now that Billy Ray is promoting the heck out of his new book, which is called Hillbilly Heart by the way, let THAT soak in, Billy realized that the best way to get PR for his book is to talk about his daughter.
Billy remembers his twenties, when he was a semi-famous country musician, and says he was going down a bad path and worries that Miley might get swallowed up in the fame game as well (if she hasn't already).

“There’s two sides to the sword, and fame is a very dangerous thing. So you handle it with respect and caution, step by step, day by day,” Billy reveals to E! News, “Know that, for me, I had a friend to talk to – he was called my dad – and that’s what I try to be for Miley.”
Another fun fact about Miley’s supposed wedding: when Liam proposed to Miley and asked Billy for his approval, Billy said, “You can marry my daughter if your brother can get me in one of his movies.”
Wooooowww. And the award for most embarrassing dad ever goes to…BILLY RAY!.
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