Miley Cyrus: How She’s Pushing Liam Hemsworth Away

Miley and Liam’s relationship has been pretty rocky lately, they even postponed their wedding for the second time! A new report suggests that Miley’s immature ways may be the root of the couple’s problems!

From taking off her engagement ring to going out partying, Miley Cyrus hasn’t exactly been acting like the most mature fiancee lately, and Liam Hemsworth is getting fed up with her childish behavior!

Miley Is Pushing Liam Away With Her Immaturity

“Liam can’t stand that every time they argue, she takes her ring off,” a source tells PEOPLE. Adding that ”her immature behavior keeps pushing him farther away.”
The source also adds that Liam’s family is “no longer the slightest bit supportive of him marrying Miley.”

With all their recent issues, Miley and Liam’s wedding is on hold until further notice. “They don’t want to get married until they figure out their problems,” the source explains.

Liam Getting Cold Feet Before The Wedding?

A source tells EXCLUSIVELY that Liam needs more time before the couple weds, and that’s one of the reasons their wedding has been postponed.
“They’ve both been getting pressured by their management teams to hold off on the wedding, but it was Liam that gave in first and admitted that they should wait,” the source explains. “He didn’t call it off or anything, he just wanted to take some more time but I guess some people might call that cold feet. He’s trying to do the mature thing, but Miley didn’t take it well, she’s been very upset and angry with him ever since which has only made them fight more.”
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