Lindsay Lohan's 'Scary Movie 5' Cameo Hits the Web

After everything that happened on The Canyons set and the dismal "Liz & Dick," you'd think putting Lindsay Lohan in your movie would be the scariest thing ever, her presence a terrible omen for the success of your picture. A death sentence.

In the case of Scary Movie 5 however, Lindsay's cameo seems like a match made in heaven, not necessarily hell.

The sneak peek of her star turn in the horror movie parody franchise begins as a send-up of the popular Paranormal Activity movies. Lindsay patrols the bedroom of actor Charlie Sheen, who's attempting to shoot a sex tape with the troubled starlet.

Most surprising, however, is how coherent Lindsay appears in her scene. She's actually able to sputter off self-deprecating lines like "I pride myself on keeping a low-profile" without missing a beat. She rolls with the punches, agreeing to a joke about wearing an alcohol bracelet. A bad plea deal is scarier to Lindsay than a ghost with super-strength. Yeah, it's the perfect part for her.

It's all very tongue-in-cheek and LiLOL.

Watch it here and decide if you think she still has a career in her future:
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