Kristen Stewart Telling Friends She's Ready To Marry Robert Pattinson

 We’re just months away from the one year anniversary of Kristen Stewart’s cheating scandal and to mark that momentous occasion, Kristen wants to marry Robert Pattinson.
That makes so much sense what the hell!
Ugggh, a source told Grazia magazine that Kristen was overheard talking to her friends at Coachella about how her and Rob are talking about marriage.
“Rob and I will get married,” she was overheard saying.
First of all: Who talks like that? “I am walking. I am listening to music. It is hot out. Rob and I will get married.”

Also, Kristen has been spotted wearing a ring lately and the same source says it’s a “commitment ring” that Rob got her for her birthday.
As a self-professed Twihard, this relationship needs to die. They don’t even hold hands! And they always look miserable in public!
But back to the story. Apparently Rob has been wanting to settle down for a while and now that Kristen is at the advanced age of 23 (sooo old), she’s ready to get hitched. This all according to the “source,” of course.
What do you think, Twihards? They never look happy in recent photos and they are always spotted with a group of friends around and rarely alone. Are those rumors about their “PR Romance” true or are they actually going to get hitched!? Ugggh, we’re so conflicted!!! #VampireAngst
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