Kim Kardashian Still Loves Kris Humphries

Maniacal laugh in human form Kim Kardashian is waltzing into her kourt kase today ready to put those hard 72 days of married life with Kris Humphries behind her.
Problem is she still kind of loves him. She wants to delicately close this chapter on their life, not slam it shut like you'd assume.
Kim's straight-talking BFF with an online law degree, the gossip blog TMZ, reports that she and Kris could strike an agree-to-disagree type agreement sometime today.

According to the site, a source says she doesn't harbor ill feelings.
"She's saying she does indeed still love him as a person, acknowledging, 'We just didn't work as a couple,'" reports TMZ.
Didn't work as a godly union of man and woman? Didn't work as a riveting reality TV show plot line? Who knows what they mean technically, the semantics of "work as a couple" are wide and elastic.
While Kim may still think back fondly on her 72 days of marital bliss ("I still love him, I just don't love him love him."), she wants closure and she wants it now. Kim's saying they have "unfinished business" and it's time to settle it once and for all, preferably before her lunch at Spago today, where we hear the Friday afternoon lunch specials are just divine.
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