Justin Bieber’s Secret Dinner With Selena Gomez

Buried deep down in a gossip story about how Justin Bieber showed up six hours late to a photo shoot and threw a temper tantrum was this little nugget:
Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez went on a dinner date to a “very upscale restaurant” in Copenhagen, Denmark on Friday.
Ok, so we’ve heard sources talk about how Selena and Justin are back together, but who knows who those sources really are, you know? But someone in Denmark, probably an employee at the restaurant (let’s be real) actually saw Bieber and Selena on a fancy date together.
Oh, it’s official. These two are totally back ON or hookup buddies or whatever the kids are calling it these days.
However, we don't understand what Selena sees in him. JB is SUCH a brat.
A source at the restaurant said the entire meal was comped for JB and Selena, despite the fact that he could totally afford it, but when the meal was over, Bieber completely stiffed the waiter. The source adds that Selena was a total lady, while Justin was such a brat. That's what Selena gets for dating a 19-year-old. Sorry girl, maybe you should stop getting dating advice from your BFF Taylor Swift?
Not only that, but earlier in the day, Justin was supposed to do a photo shoot for fragrance brand Elizabeth Arden but he showed up 6 hours late and refused to wear some of the items they picked out for him.
To be fair, they wanted him to wear a bellboy hat. We would’ve refused too
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