Justin Bieber Shares New Intimate Photo of Him and Selena

Have you been keeping up with Justin Bieber’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days and night during his European tour?
In what’s been the longest rebellion against being told to go straight to his room (and without any supper, young man!) in history, a moment of peace and serenity, finally.
Less than an hour ago, Justin uploaded a moody black-and-white photo of him and his on-again off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez. Justin is dressed up (shirtless) and on his laptop, while Selena embraces him from behind and scowls at the camera...possibly to all his Beliebers.
The accompanying caption reads: "'You've been makin music for too long babe come cuddle' –her."
The setting appears to be a nondescript hotel room (probably European because look at that framed photo of a speckled peasant and, dear god, those drapes).
Is this Justin confirming to his fans that he’s officially rekindled his romance with his former flame? That love really was in the Norwegian air? That he read between the subtle lines of Selena’s new single “Come & Get It” and, in fact, did just that?
Or is he still just acting out? In the midst of a tantrum, while throwing his Fisher-Price rattles and Baby Einstein DVDs all over Europe, did a pacifier knock his iPhone out of the crib and accidentally send out this Instagram?

We did some investigative CIA: Norway research and noticed one glaring detail that’ll give us an idea: No tiger tattoo on Justin’s left arm.
According to his tour schedule, Justin kicked his concert series off in Munich on March 28. No tattoo. His arm remained striped of wildlife as he danced his way through Berlin on March 31, Anne Frank’s house on April 13, Norway on April 18, until…
Sweden. April 22. Justin let the tattooed cat out of the bag.
As for Selena, she arrived in Norway to attend one of his shows on April 18. They reportedly kissed backstage, followed by a secret dinner together that evening. Justin tweeted then deleted a photo of himself and Selena getting cuddly together on 4/22.
This means some time between April 18 and April 22, the photo of them two was taken.
Two days ago, Justin debuted an angel tattoo that people with eyes are claiming has a “striking resemblance”—i.e. it has two eyes, black hair, and wings just like Selena—to his ex. At first we thought his angel tattoo looked no more like Selena than the mermaid on a random Starbucks cup, but now with this photo, the “resemblance” pleads it case.
Because of the proximity between the de-tweeted photo on 4/22 and the Case-of-the-Missing-Tiger-Tattoo, we’re assuming they reunited around 4/20, a date with, well, its own connotations. We’re just saying Swedish police did confiscate a small amount of drugs from his tour bus yesterday.
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