Justin Bieber Posts Photo With Selena Gomez – Deletes It.

After Friday night’s are-they-aren’t-they-hooking-up-in-Norway speculation, Justin Bieber confirms the “are they” status between him and Selena Gomez by posting this cuddly photo on Instagram.
Naturally, Bieber deleted the photo moments later, but the deed was already done, because his rabid fanbase (and gossip bloggers) knows how to do screen grabs.
So, they’re back together, which is SOOO ANNOYING, because Selena was all over Hollywood doing talk show interviews about how she’s “so good” post-Bieber breakup. Ugghhh. We already made a “Who Should Selena Gomez Date Next” story!

Anyways, the Instagram double selfie comes after reports that onlookers saw them hugging, kissing, and laughing in Norway over the weekend. Yeah, hugging, kissing AND laughing. The trifecta.
“They looked really in love, like no fights ever happened before. It definitely looked like they were back together,” says the source.
We also reported that Bieber was spotted getting into his private jet and the screensaver on his cell phone was a photo of Selena from a recent photo shoot. Anyways, so they’re happening again. Beliebers, rejoice.
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