Joel Madden: I Begged Nicole Richie To Date Me

Joel Madden and Nicole Richie may look like the ultimate hot hip rocker chic couple, but unfortunately for Joel…Nicole wouldn’t date him at first.
Joel jokes that he’s not “tall dark or handsome” and had to BEG Nicole to date him. Yes, beg.
She’s Nicole Richie, she’s cute and fun and all, but begging is reserved for the Megan Fox’s of the world…let’s be real.
 “I’m not for every woman, you know,” Joel told Australia’s 60 Minutes,  “Because a lot of women – I mean, obviously, your first thing is, ‘What do you want your guy to look like?’ And I’m not the tall, dark, handsome guy. But I think [you like me] once you get to know me – like how I got Nicole.”

Ok, now tell us how you “got” Nicole.
“When I first would see her around, we were friends,” says Joel, “But I don’t think I’m the obvious choice. I’m always like, ‘Just give me a shot. Just give me one date.’ If I can get my foot in the door…”
So, he somehow got that first date and that turned into another date and a kid and another kid and a wedding and now they’ve been married for over two years. HAY!
Men, if you want to date an out-of-your-league celebrity...BEG!
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