Iggy Azalea Speaks Out About Alleged Kanye West Affair

So, it turns out that rumor about Kanye West cheating on Kim Kardashian is not shaping up to much more than a rumor.
In a recent interview, Iggy Azalea, the Australian rapper and fashionista accused of swooping in on Kim K’s man, spoke at length about the alleged affair. And, the way she puts it, it doesn’t sound like there’s any chance that an affair ever happened.
Actually, Azalea was just as interested in the supposed scandal as we were. Until, that is, she found out that she was the one being accused.

She told Australia’s The Music:
“I was at the grocery store buying a rotisserie chicken to eat… and I ran in and got it and I was standing in the line, and you know when you’re standing in line and you see all the tabloid magazines and sh*t and I looked at it and I was like… ‘Kim gets dumped in Paris for sexy blonde,’ ‘skinny blonde muse,' and I was like what the f*ck? I’m looking and it’s my f*cking face and I was like… [laughs] what? This is bullsh*t! I didn’t know we were having an affair until I was like in the grocery sure, buying chicken… it’s just like, and pictures of my butt, or whatever.”
Azalea went on to complain about other things, like the misogynistic tendencies of the world, but you get the point.
As we previously reported, the source of the Kanye cheating scandal rumor was Star magazine.
“They've stopped having sex,” a source was quoted by the outlet. “She is being selfish; she doesn't care what she’s doing to her relationship.”
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