Farrah Abraham Filmed Sex Tape After Hitting ‘Rock Bottom’

The troubled Teen Mom reportedly turned to porn after her attempts at an acting and music career failed, and her funds were running low. Do you think she’ll keep doing adult films?

Farrah Abraham may still insist her sex tape with international porn star James Deen was a “personal video,” but a source close to the Teen Mom alum insists Farrah shot the movie after all of her other business ventures failed — and she desperately needed the cash.

Farrah Abraham Hit ‘Rock Bottom’ Before Sex Tape

“Farrah has said that she hit rock bottom and she felt like that was her only option, doing porn. She couldn’t come up with any other way to make money,” a source revealed to RadarOnline.com.
But not only did Farrah need to money to support her daughter Sophia, 4 — she wanted the level of attention she got when she was on the hit MTV show.
“She is desperate for fame. She still wants to be as famous as she was on Teen Mom and she doesn’t know how to get that attention back,” the insider added.

Farrah’s Business Ventures Have Failed

The Teen Mom star has tried everything she could to keep her name relevant and make money, including releasing her book My Teenage Dream Ended in 2012 and a couple of corresponding singles, but none of it was working.
“Farrah is working on acting, she’s still trying to get a singing career, which probably won’t happen and she’s trying to model,” the source said. “She is still working on her food line, which really her mom does all the work and she takes all the credit, but that isn’t bringing any money in. She’s even talked about putting Sophia in child modeling.”
Ironically, her debut single (released in summer 2012) is titled “Getting Up from Rock Bottom.” Maybe she’ll find her footing again with another hit single?
What do YOU think of Farrah doing her sex tape after hitting rock bottom? Was it her last resort?

Watch: Farrah Abraham’s ‘Getting Up From Rock Bottom’ Single


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