Britney Spears & Amanda Bynes: The Shocking Similarities

Amanda Bynes' behavior lately has been…strange, and we’re being very kind with our wording.
However, we can’t help but notice the striking similarities between Amanda’s current downward spiral and

Britney Spear's manic meltdown circa 2006-2008.
They both shaved their heads, wore wigs, pulled away from their families and had vehicular issues, to name a few.

Childhood Stars
Amanda: As a Nickelodeon star, Amanda starred on her own comedy show, “The Amanda Show” at the age of 11. Before that, she spent many years on the sketch show, “All That.”
Britney: Britney got her start on the Disney variety show, “The Mickey Mouse Club” and after taking a break from the spotlight, returned as a teen music icon.

Driving Drama
Amanda: Amanda was charged with a hit-and-run, driving without a license AND a DUI. She was also photographed “driving aimlessly” around LA and parking her car at Baja Fresh and smoking marijuana in her car. Not that there’s anything wrong with a burrito while hot boxing in your car.
Britney: Britney infamously drove without a seatbelt while holding her infant son Preston in her lap. She said that it was the “safest” way to escape the paparazzi. The following year, Britney was charged with a hit-and-run and driving without a license, just like Amanda. Déjà vu.

Drug Accusations
Amanda: Amanda has been photographed smoking weed, but her erratic behavior has many wondering if she is abusing “harder” drugs. A hairstylist recently claimed he thought Amanda “was definitely on something,” while doing her hair.
Britney: During the period of time from 2007-2008 when Sam Lufti was managing Britney, he claimed that she was using a variety of prescription drugs and even had to bring drug-sniffing dogs into her house to try to force her to clean up her act.
 Pushing Family Away
Amanda: Amanda is always photographed alone, leaving many wondering why her parents aren’t stepping in to help her. Amanda tweeted earlier today, “I don’t speak to my parents anymore, they don’t talk to reporters on my behalf.”
Britney: When Britney was managed by Sam Lufti and dating Adnan Ghalib, she completely separated herself from her parents. Britney served her mom with a “restraining order” back in 2007, claiming her mom was abusing prescription drugs. Britney was also reportedly upset that her mom Lynne wrote about Britney’s cocaine use in her memoir.
 Erratic Behavior
Britney: Britney Spears adopted a British accent for a while, saying random comments to paparazzi, wore a pink wig and went to Rite Aid at 5 a.m., shaved her head, and attacked a paparazzi with an umbrella.
Amanda: Besides asking Drake to “murder her vagina” and other bizarre tweets that we’ll describe as “inspirational,” Amanda also shaved her head, walks around NYC with a shirt over her head, attacked a paparazzi and made him delete photos where she didn’t look “beautiful.” Not to mention getting kicked out of gym class. Oh, she also wears wigs like Britney.
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