Amanda Seyfried: Lindsay Lohan WAS Talented

Lemur-eyed Amanda Seyfried must’ve had some truth serum in her breakfast cereal this morning because she’s all unfiltered—in other words, honest—which is unusual for a celebrity interview. That, or she’s just all tipsy during this sit-down, which wouldn’t be the first time.
If that’s the case, when talking about her fellow Krunkenstein Lindsay Lohan, Amanda had some very choice words.
 Discussing Lindsay Lohan, in the same way your relatives discuss that one relative who always mysteriously shows up in ripped clothing to the family BBQ, Amanda kept it short and (bitter)sweet. A pretty selective minimum. Three words total, one of which that stated everything.
“She’s talented,” Amanda said, before taking a long foreboding pause. “Was.”
There was no talking around that statement…until Amanda immediately tried to talk around that statement, saying, “I mean, I don’t know. She was so bright-eyed.”
Anyway, there it was again, her new favorite word: “was.”

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