7 Selfies Of Amanda Bynes Winking

Amanda Bynes” and “selfies” are as synonymous as “real housewife” and “bad plastic surgery.”
Apparently, Amanda’s new career move is just posting selfies to Twitter. It’s kind of her “thing.”
We browse Twitpics like it's our job! No seriously, it's our job to stalk celebrities on the Internet, so we couldn’t help but notice that Amanda is winking in about 70% of her photos.
It’s a strange and recurring theme. She’s winking so often, we’re not sure she’s still got eyeballs in there.

1. The wink that channels Marilyn Monroe.

2. The wink that looks like she’s trying to swat a fly out of her eyeball with willpower alone.

3.The wink that isn’t sure which eyeball it’s going to take.

4. The wink that isn’t Amanda Bynes’ wink at all. Yeah, Amanda posted this Sailor Moon photo. Clearly, her “inspiration.”

5. The wink that just wants to take this pic real quick before hitting that elliptical.

6.The wink that is so pre-beast mode.

7. The wink that can’t decide if it wants to seduce you or just sweat all over a treadmill for an hour.
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