WTF: Kristen Stewart and Lindsay Lohan Are BFFs, Pregnant Kate Middleton Imposter

Stew and LiLo are new BFFs, or something.
A professional Kate Middleton celebrity impersonator just took one step shy of actually getting pregnant by a royal to look more like her. The Duchess of Cambridge's real life Single White Female just bought herself a fake baby bump.

Justin Bieber's Mercedes was spotted at Selena Gomez's home this week. Our hypothesis is they were either making up, breaking up for realsies, or working on their science project that's due tomorrow before fourth period.
Some people are allergic to gluten and some people are allergic to shirts. Justin Bieber falls victim to the latter category, walking through a Polish airport shirtless just because.
Lindsey Vonn is all smiles with Tiger Woods these days, but before that she was getting cozy with…Kris Humphries?

Jared Leto has the sweetest fans. One of them signed, sealed, delivered a human ear to the rock star/actor and he tweeted a NSFW photo of it. How about next time Return to Sender with a restraining order?

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