Why Kim Kardashian Could Win Kris Humphries Divorce Case

Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian’s divorce proceeding is turning into a marathon.
Kris is desperate to prove that Kim K “frauded” him into marriage by proving that their reality show romance is totally fake, but because his vocabulary consists of “woofing” and saying the word “basketball,” Kris didn’t realize that he couldn’t prove the show is fake without revealing that he was in on the whole thing all along.
During the deposition by Kris Humphries' lawyer, a “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” producer revealed that Kim’s “proposal” scene on KUWTK was re-shot, because Kim didn’t like the reaction she gave.

Kim probably made an “actually surprised” face, which probably wasn’t super cute.
Anyway, Kris probably thought this was the kind of gem that would prove Kim’s whole operation is phony, too bad Kris was in the proposal scene (because duh, he DID the proposing) so he was just as fake as she was!
And, if Kim asked for a re-shoot on the scene because she was “too surprised” then how could the proposal be staged by the Kardashians? If Kim was supposedly genuinely surprised by the proposal, then she wasn't in on it.
Moral of this story: Kris Humphries needs to go away.

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