The Truth Behind Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s So-Called "Breakup"

Earlier today we reported that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have finally maybe officially broken up according to a “source,” which in Hollywood is only 98% true, because we all know that nothing is fact anymore unless it’s posted on Twitter because that’s how the news works in a post-Facebook world, hashtag TryAndKeepUp.
So anyways, while one source told the New York Post that Miley and Liam are totally donezo, a DIFFERENT source told E! News that they aren’t broken up but they do have a totally sh*tty relationship and they need to "work" on it.

“[Miley and Liam] have been a bit rocky, but are not giving up. They both want it to work,” says the source.
So Liam’s idea of “making it work” is partying with January Jones and LEAVING THE COUNTRY! That makes so much sense.
Also, we reported that Liam didn’t have a return ticket to LA, but it turns out he’s coming back to Miley in several days.
Uggh, it’s SOO frustrating. Too bad Miley said she’s “not discussing anything but my music from now on,” because now we’ll NEVER know what’s going on with their relationship! We're not obsessed
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