Snooki Reveals Her Worst Date Ever

Back in the days before Snooki was Snooki, she had to endure the embarrassing moments of most developing teens: bad dates.
During her recent appearance on “Anderson Live,” Snooki served as co-host and opened up about a particularly bad experience. Baffled, Anderson Cooper listened in horror.
Long story short, Snooks was on a movie date with an unstable individual that tried to get into her pants and proceeded to stalk her.
When the soft-core psycho got frisky (“I was like, what are you doing?” she said) Snooki—who had smartly brought a friend with her for protection—got up and beelined to the exit sign.
She called her mom and waited to be picked up. Meanwhile, the fumbling fellow proceeded to break into tears and explain that he was on new medication. (Seriously, why didn’t she have a reality show yet so this could have been preserved for future generations to laugh at?)
It wasn’t until after the dude wouldn’t stop calling that Nicole was forced to change her phone number.
Watch Snooki talk about the uncomfortable moment below:
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