Selena Gomez Calls Justin Bieber a 'Douchebag' In New Video

Selena Gomez has recently taken up the habit of filming low-budget “dance videos” with her besties that vaguely appear to be attacking Justin Bieber through the classic diss technique of song and movement.
Selena and her gal pals just released another dance number, this time to a song called “Everybody Knows” by Dustin Tavella, which features the not-so-subtle lyric, “Your boyfriend is a douchebag/and everybody knows.”
Anyways, the video consists of a bunch of hood-rat wannabes, who apparently are Selena’s friends, and not gonna lie, Selena’s swag is nearly identical to Justin Bieber. No seriously, close one eye and Selena grabs her crotch and does that dude-ish swag just like Bieber. It’s rather unsettling, really.
The best part of the dance is when they make a hand gesture like they are holding a marijuana joint while the lyrics croon, “you quit defending him.”

Haha, get it? Because Bieber smokes weed!
Then at the end of the video, they all sing to the camera, “your boyfriend is a douchebag” because HAHA and OMG.
This isn’t the first time Selener has filmed one of these dance videos. She and her same group of gals performed a “sexy” dance to “I Knew You Were Trouble” right after Sel broke up with Bieber and of course, we also referred to that video as “dissing” Justin Bieber.
But this time, we mean it. Justin IS a douchebag. Have you seen his selfies? Why is his shirt always off? Did he really think that yellow hat and those harem pants make sense? Why is he showing up late to shows and terrorizing London? Ladies, Justin Bieber is most definitely a douchebag.
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