Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Finally Reunited!

 …and on the 8th day God said, "Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson shall be reunited and it will be good.”
Robert has finally landed in America and was spotted with Kristen and two other friends getting drinks at a karaoke bar in LA.
The girl who took the photo has been bombarded with Twihards wanting deets. “Were they kissing? Did they look happy? Did she look pregnant?” No seriously, someone asked if Kristen looked pregnant, because Rob sperminated her via email from Australia.
Here’s everything the fan with the photo would reveal about her sighting:
-The other couple they were with was a “chubby gay boy” and a girl with “short hair.”
-Rob was NOT bald, but just had a “high & tight” haircut.
-Rob “seemed to be a little shy.”
-They seemed like “nice people.”
-She would not reveal which LA based karaoke bar they were at.
So yeah, all those stories about Rob “avoiding” Kristen by prolonging his stay in Australia are patently untrue. You can stop stressing out Twihards, he’s back in LA with his girl or as one crazy on Instagram wrote, “ROBSTEN IS UNBROKEN <3.”
The girl in the photo told E! News that Rob and Kristen were very "touchy-feely" like "she had her hand on his back!" OMG!
Also, when the fan asked for the photo Kristen was reportedly SUPER COOL about it and Rob wasn't as into it. Kristen reportedly told Rob, "Come over here, Rob, don't be an as*hole."
The girl also added that Kristen was running around in the parking lot with her friend, like they were playing tag, or something?
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