Pregnant Kim Kardashian Sparks New Plastic Surgery Rumors

Kim Kardashian posted a video on Twitter last night that has sparked a debate as to whether or not she’s gotten MORE plastic surgery. Plastic surgery while pregnant? Isn’t that like taboo? Like dying your hair or eating sushi while preggers?
Kim posted a 30 second Keek video where it appears that her bottom lip is about two sizes larger than it was the day before. Collagen lip injections? We think so.
Kim doesn’t address the puffy lip scandal in the video. In fact, the entire point of the clip is to tell her Twitter followers that she is “tired” and ready for bed.

Just in case you’d like to kill several brain cells today, here is the EXACT transcript from the video.
Kim: What do you do when you're way too tired to get out of bed and take your makeup off and turn off the lights off? And Rob's still running on the treadmill. I'm so bored. Goodnight Keekers.
Kim Kardashian deemed THAT worthy of putting on the Internet and not only that, but we watched it. We’re gonna go watch PBS and re-grow those lost brain cells.
Call us when Khloe Kardashian cuts her bangs
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