Miley Cyrus Slams Nick Jonas Hookup Rumors

So Miley Cyrus is taking this Liam Hemsworth engagement thing real seriously, huh?
After some fan wrote on Twitter that Miley was spotted getting dinner with her ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas, Miley is livid!
Instead of ignoring it and getting on with her life, Miley decided to lash out at the critics, because that’s what you do when you don’t really have a career and need to thrive on Twitter attention to stay famous! #Truth

“I literally haven’t seen Nick Jonas in years,” Miley wrote, “Don’t believe everything you read folks. Why are magazines allowed to publish straight bull sh*t…I couldn’t have ‘ran’ into anyone because I haven’t went to eat out in public in weeks because of the amount of paparazzi outside my house.”
Immediately after posting the tweet, Miley took it down and dramatically wrote in all caps, “FOCUSED ON MUSIC & MUSIC ALONE.”

Twitter is the best invention ever, because it allows celebs to rant like a crazy person (i.e. Amanda Bynes, Justin Bieber) and it will live on the Internet forever! Muahahah.
Regardless, we believe Miley. She hasn’t been photographed lately AND the sighting was only confirmed by a Twitter fan. The Twitter fan probably just saw a little blonde boy with a raspy voice. Easy mistake to make.

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