Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Leading Separate Lives

While neither star will confirm it's over, our in-house Miley Cyrus expert (i.e. ME) has just decided that Miley and Liam Hemsworth are definitely on a break and it’s not looking good. They are leading totally separate lives at this point.
Here are the sad facts about Miley and Liam’s we’re-not-taking-a-break-but-we’re-totally-taking-a-break-break.
Miley is here in LA, while Liam is hanging out in Australia with friends from home. Not only is he on the other side of the world, he reportedly doesn’t have a return ticket to the U.S. and doesn’t know when he even wants to come back or if he EVER wants to come…
Okay that’s dramatic; he has to come back for the Hunger Games premiere eventually, obvi.
While in the land down under, Liam was spotted swimming and playing around with his brother Chris Hemsworth, his sister-in-law Elsa Pataky and his niece India Rose.
Meanwhile, Miley is in LA “working on her album,” you know, that album that she's been talking about forever and better be damn good what with all the hype she’s generating.
When Miley’s not tweeting or working on music, she’s walking around LA without her engagement ring and partying in the hills with her fiancé’s friend Paul Khoury.
Well, looks like Paul took Miley’s side in the breakup.
According to a source, “the couple is having issues in their relationship over their careers and Miley’s dramatic makeover. Liam is not happy.”

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