Lindsay Lohan Already Wasted In Brazil?

Lindsay Lohan will drink you under the table. Literally.
So, Lindsay’s comeback was short-lived. After a relatively drama-free appearance on “Anger Management” earlier this week (except for the second day of shooting when she wouldn’t leave her trailer, but whatever) Lindsay jetted off to Brazil to promote John John Denim and got paid $100,000, but immediately after arriving for the gig, got wasted and fell underneath a table.
Ok, it’s really hard to fall “underneath a table." Falling off a table is one thing, but falling below it? There must be more of an explanation for this photo.
In a Brazilian tabloid, they say that Lindsay refused to take photos with people at the club and instead hid under the table, like a 4-year-old petulant child.

That’s the rough Portuguese-to-English translation, so….
Lindsay is supposed to be in South America to promote the denim brand at several parties, events, and even Lollapalooza Brazil.  A source revealed that John John Denim was actually “nervous” Lindsay wouldn’t be able to handle all the partying.
Well, they were right.
That photo is of Lindsay just hours after arriving in the country. She still has three days left of press to do!
The photo above is of Lindsay like an hour before she ended up underneath the table. When she walked the carpet, she looked coherent, sober, and dare we say it…pretty.
But like most things in Lindsay’s life, it’s a short way down to the bottom (of a nightclub).
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