Justin Bieber Accused Of Battery By Neighbor

Justin Bieber’s life resembles that movie 8 Mile more and more every day.
Aside from sagging pants, dressing like a wankster, acting like a brat, and cussing out paparazzi he’s now resorted to battery and assault!
Chris Brown Justin Bieber was spotted wandering through the Polish airport shirtless yesterday, even though it was freezing out and nobody asked him to take his shirt off.
Bieber arrived back home to Calabasas this morning and was greeted by his angry neighbor and got into a very “intense” verbal altercation.

L.A. County Sheriff's spokesperson Steve Whitmore tells Hollyscoop, “At 9:08 am this morning, we responded to a call at the property of Justin Bieber in Calabasas. A neighbor has alleged that Justin made physical contact with him, as well as threatened him verbally.”
Apparently the neighbor was upset that Justin’s friends had been living in JB’s home while Justin was away and according to the neighbor, they were having loud house parties all the time AND Justin was reportedly drag racing up and down the street in his new ferrari
The neighbor thought Bieber was endagering everyone with his speed demon driving style and told him to stop it.
The two got into a screaming match and Bieber told the guy to get off his property and allegedly threatened him…physically.
However, Bieber’s security team tells TMZ that Bieber didn’t touch nobody!
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