Jessica Biel and Jason Bateman Join Toilet Strike

Looks like not relieving yourself is a thing now in Hollywood... Yeah, let's talk potty humor.
Actors Jessica Biel, Jason Bateman and Josh Gad have joined Matt Damon in refusing to go to the bathroom until clean water and sanitation is readily available for all citizens of the world. They announced their commitment to not sh*tting in a brand new “Strike With Me” PSA.
It’ll be easy for Biel, who—as she explains in the announcement—has actually “never gone to the bathroom.” (Girls don’t poop, right?) Instead, she just farts air freshener.
Bateman will be peeing in the kitchen sink and using an air freshener—maybe he can borrow Jessica’s butt…
Gad, on the other hand, is just doing it the old fashion way and holding it... the pain.
All the absurdity is an effort to spread the word about the current global water conditions affecting billions of people.
The numbers are staggering… 1 billion people without water, 2.5 billion without proper sanitation, 4,000 avoidable children deaths each day…
More information on the crisis and how you can help is available at
Last month Damon launched the humorous campaign—which spawned its fair share of poop jokes—to help spread the word. But, hey… at least people are listening.
Watch Biel, Bateman and Gad’s pledge below:
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