Hulk Hogan Sues Gawker For Sex Tape, Seeks $100 Mil in Damages

That’s a lot of bones, brother…

Hulk Hogan is taking his sex tape fight to a different kind of ring…the courtroom.

On Monday, a lawyer for the mustachioed WWF champ appeared at a press conference to discuss the details of Hogan's legal actions, acting as an epic choke hold against further damages to his image.

According to Gossip Copy, the press conference took place in Tampa, Florida where Hogan’s lawyer revealed not one but TWO separate lawsuits.

The first one is against the Hulk’s former friend DJ Bubba the Love Sponge who – according to Hogan – secretly filmed the sexual encounter and Sponge's ex-wife Heather Clem, now identified as the woman in the leaked tape.

Love Sponge is also reportedly seen in the full footage, saying that he is considering selling the tape for big money.

Lawsuit number two is against news website Gawker, whom he is seeking $100 million in damages from.
Hogan’s team claims that the tape's filming and distribution were “illegal, outrageous, and exceeded the bounds of human decency.”

They added, "[Hulk] had a reasonable expectation of privacy in his consensual, intimate activities in a private bedroom and reasonably believed that his privacy was safe and protected."

If you’re keeping up with this scandal (which, why wouldn’t you be, right?) then you might also know that Mr. Love Sponge isn’t exactly keeping quiet.

According to TMZ the soggy radio host says that the Hulkster may have played a role in the tape getting leaked, despite whatever tune the balding brute might be singing to the press.

Love Sponge – a nasty image no matter how you squeeze it – also went on to call Hogan “self-centered” and his ex-wife Linda is a “whore.”

In addition to Gawker, Hulk’s legal team has vowed to peruse any media outlet that publishes the video.
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