Gwyneth Paltrow Reveals Her Kids ‘Cheat’ On Their Gluten-Free Diets


The controversial cookbook writer has been making headlines with the very strict diet that she has for her family. Now, the health-conscious mom of two is saying her kids definitely cheat with unhealthy snacks! Do YOU think it’s good they indulge in treats?

Gwyneth Paltrow has been catching some flack for her strict diet for her family, but now the mother revealed that her son Moses, 6 and daughter, Apple, 8 indulge in sweets like everyone else!

Gwyneth’s Kids Love Oreos

“I tried to start them off with all of the right foods, but as they got older, the lure of Oreos and cotton candy outweighed the lure of carrots with hummus. And that’s all a part of childhood and I love Oreos too, so I completely understand,” the Oscar winner wrote in her GOOP newsletter on March 28.
“I try to make sure that what is on their plate at home is nutritious and tasty, and then I loosen way up on the reigns when we are out.”

Gwyneth’s Kids Indulge In One Coke A Week

The conscious mother tries to be fair in allowing the kids have treats like Coke soda once a week.
“They love a brown rice stir-fry, but they also love their ‘Coke of the week.’ My daughter gravitates toward fresh fruit and raw nuts, but will inhale a bag of hot Cheetos at the airport. It’s all about balance,” she added.

Experts Warned Gwyenth That Restricting Kids From Grains Is Dangerous

Our expert, Jackie Keller, nutritionist and Founding Director of NutriFittold EXCLUSIVELY that the actress, who avoids giving her kids grains, is hurting her kids’ health!
“It is not well advised,” Jackie told “They provide minerals and they are complex carbohydrates. Our brain needs carbohydrates for our brain to properly function.”
So HollyMoms, do you think it’s a good thing that Gwyenth let’s her kids “cheat” on their gluten-free diet? Let us know in the comments below!
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