Chris Brown Valet Throw Down

Oh, hey, guys. Look… Chris Brown is still a d*ck.
In a not-so-shocking display of his inability to control his emotions, the R&B artist has found himself in another slew of tabloid attention. The latest in his journey to self-inflicted worthlessness involves a fight with a valet and kicking his bodyguard off a plane.
On Thursday, TMZ posted a clip of a tense incident that went down at PINZ Bowling Center in Studio City where he and his entourage were reportedly attending a charity event.
When it came time to pay the parking fee of $10, Breezy wasn’t having it due to the fact that he was only in the building for 30 minutes. The singer refused to pay, which resulted in an extremely unnecessary scene, seeing as Brown’s net worth is currently tallied at $22 million.
No fists were thrown in the caught-on-tape-for-future-generations-to-enjoy encounter, but you can definitely hear Brown say “f*ck ten dollars,” getting in the face of two different innocent workers just doing their jobs.
Also, it is being reported by the UK’s Sun that, during an R&R stop in Bermuda, Brown had an argument with bodyguard Big Pat. The “Don’t Judge Me” singer reportedly kicked the big man off his private jet and abandoned him to find his own way  back to NYC.
And, as long as we’re playing the Chris Brown a$$hole game, we might as well remind you that this is the same idiot who beat his girlfriend Rihanna to a pulp in 2009 on their way to the Grammys.
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