Ashton Kutcher Snubs TAHM Fans

We at Hollyscoop LOVE Ashton Kutcher. Like, we have seen New Year’s Eve a hundred times specifically for that scene when Ashton gets trapped in an elevator with Lea Michele, so you can imagine our surprise and immediate devastation when we heard that Ashton is a big-time diva on the set of “Two and a Half Men.”
Ashton Kutcher is pulling a Nicki-Minaj-on-“American-Idol” type diva behavior according to a source on the Warner Bros back lot tour.
WB does a daily tour through the sound stages where they film "TAHM" and apparently Charlie Sheen used to love the tours. Charlie would stop to talk and take photos with fans, but since Ashton has been on the show, he won't let anyone near the set or his trailer and he definitely won't talk or even make eye contact with fans.

“Charlie was the greatest. He stopped and took pics with fans on the tour,” a source from the WB tour told Hollyscoop, “But Ashton won’t let anyone down the back lot streets where his trailer is, even during tour hours.”
So, Ashton is a brat, is what we’re trying to say. Or he’s just very shy and private. But we’re going to go with bratty behavior.
For the amount of money they pay him to be on that show ($700,000 per episode), Ashton could at least send a friendly wave to the fans on the tour, after all if it weren’t for the people who actually watch the show, he wouldn’t be making that much money!
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