11 GIFs to Remind You How Hot Ryan Gosling Is

11 GIFs to Remind You How Hot Ryan Gosling Is
Ladies, where the hell is Ryan Gosling? It has been a minute since he’s done anything we can rally around and honestly, this Gosling dry spell needs to end.
Gosling, where you at!?
In the meantime, here are 11 GIFs to remind you why you made Ryan Gosling your imaginary boyfriend in the first place.
He doesn’t know what he’s working with.

He’s cool with all sorts of man-on-man bonding.

He melts hearts with a single syllable.

He’s got that smirk like WHOA.

He’s all literary, like he reads books and sh*t.

He wants you to stay, GIRL!

Had a bad day? Not after you watch this!

Even when he was like 19 he was so adorable.

He’ll keep you warm with sheer body heat alone, but blankets never hurt anybody!

Even when he grabs your nose in that way you hate, it’s not annoying when he does it.

He listens, so hard.
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