Which 'Divergent' Faction Do You Belong In?

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Young adult fiction sure loves dividing people into cliques. In the Harry Potter serieswe had the four houses that made up Hogwarts. In The Hunger Games, we have the districts of Panem. And now in Divergent, the teens of a dystopian version of Chicago are split into five different factions. But instead of a charming musty hat guiding you to your destiny, the people of Divergent have to take a test to determine which caste you belong to. Take a look at our guide to see what each faction is all about, and which group you'd fit into if the factions existed in the real world.
The Erudite are the thinkers of the Divergent society, and uphold the values of knowledge, curiosity, and intelligence. In real life, the Erudite would be the scientists and engineers that strive to move humanity forward while the rest of us are waiting on the next BuzzFeed poll to tell us what to do next.
Favorite TV Show: Bill Nye The Science Guy. While the rest of us slack jawed yokels were too busy watching Power Rangers as kids, the members of Erudite were brushing up on their chemisty with Mr. Nye on Saturday mornings, right before settling into some light calculus computations before nap time.
Favorite Movie: Gravity. Members of Erudite absolutely love to hate-watch Gravity and point out all of the bad science. "Ugh! Look at the arc of George Clooney's trajectory. People actually like this? Can't they see the inaccuracies?" Consequently, members of Erudite are not invited to many movie nights.
Celebrity Icon: Neil DeGrasse Tyson. When an astrophysicist somehow breaks into the public consciousness and becomes a pseudo celebrity, you can bet that members of Erudite will follow him to the end of the universe, except any member of Erudite worth his Mensa membership will tell you that the universe is infinite and the notion of following someone to the end of it is utter drivel.
In Divergent, Abnegation is the bastion for the selfless. They live to serve the community before themselves and make up the society's council. In our world, the members of Abnegation would probably be the kinds of people who give up their seats on the bus, or the guy that lets you cut in line when you only have one item. They are truly the best of us all.
Favorite TV Show: How I Met Your Mother. Ted's kids must have the patience of a Buddhist monk to listen to the inane ramblings of their father for nine straight years. Just get to the point already. They only wanted to be polite, and now a decade of their lives are gone. That story better have one heck of an ending.
Favorite Movie: Toy Story. These little plastic and plush characters live solely to entertain a gigantic human child-monster named Andy for a couple years, only to end up in the five cent bin at a yard sale. Those toys are truly selfless
Celebrity Icon: Sean Bean. No single actor has sacrificed himself in more films than Bean has. He's made dying for other people his signature move.
In Divergent, Amity is the home of the peaceful. The faction is full of hand-holding, friendly smiles, and togetherness. In real life, members of Amity are those impossibly cheeful people that are way too chipper on their morning commutes.
Favorite TV ShowThe Joy of PaintingWhat's more peaceful than watching Bob Ross paint a woodsy landscape? The gentle brushstrokes, the soothing instruction in that soft voice. All that encouragment. Bob Ross is Amity personified.Favorite Movie: Despicable Me. Few things are more peaceful than watching the icy heart of a super villain melt in the hands of three little girls.
Celebrity Icon: Michael Cera. The most harmless living thing on the planet. We can't imagine the mush-mouthed actor raising his voice above a low whisper. A fistfight with Cera probably feels like a gentle hug from a good friend.
In Divergent, the Candor faction lives by truth. They only see the world in black and white, which makles them excellent upholders of the law. In real life, the members of Candor would be those people with serious foot in mouth syndrome. "Oh really? I gained some weight? Thanks for noticing so loudly."
Favorite TV Show: VeepVeep cuts through all the political fluff and honestly shows how politicians really get down when the cameras aren’t trained on them. We all know the people on Capitol Hill are constantly swearing like crusty pirates. Joe Biden loves himself a four-letter word.
Favorite Movie: Liar Liar. Watching Jim Carrey being forced into telling the truth in every aspect of life is probably the most satisfying thing a member of Candor can achieve. Yes, that pen is definitely blue, Mr. Carrey.
Celebrity Icon: Jennifer Lawrence. Known for lacking any sort of filter, Lawrence seems to like to say whatever loose rambling thought pops into her mind, yet she still manages to be charming. Most people who are way too honest tend to be the absolute worst. Take notes members of Candor, be more like JLaw.
The Dauntless faction are the brave. They are the warriors of the Divergent society, and are tasked with protecting the community at large. In real life, members of Dauntless would still be soldiers, but fighting real conflicts and skirmishes across the globe. They would also be the thrill-seekers, jumping off buildings and out of perfectly good airplanes for fun.
Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones. Swords, sorcery, dragons, and betrayal. The would-be soldiers of Dauntless would love getting their hands dirty in the land of Westeros.
Favorite Movie: Brave. Well, duh.
Celebrity Icon: Tom Cruise. A man brave (or crazy) enough to do all of his own stunts, and brave (definitely crazy) enough to be the posterboy for Scientology. The man has no fear.
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