See Nicolas Cage Not Just Be Nicolas Cage in the 'Joe' Trailer

Here's the trailer for Joe, a rare Nicolas Cage film that does not seem to be A Nicolas Cage Film. In an equally rare turn, Cage stars as a character whose name you may end up recalling beyond it just being Nicolas Cage. He plays the title role here in a serious drama that also marks something of a return to form for director David Gordon Green, who last year started meandering away from Apatow Land and back toward his rural working-class beginnings, following Your Highness and The Sitter with Prince Avalanche.
As Joe, Cage plays an ex-con and lumber man who hires on a newly-arrived teenager (Tye Sheridan) to his crew. Once the kid's abusive home life with a drunken father comes to light, Joe's role begins to shift further from boss and into that of a fatherly role model trying to save a youth whose life could still go either way. It also means Joe ends up losing his shit on dudes, screaming, and getting in fist and gun fights. Wouldn't want anyone to forget that the complex character of Joe is actually, in fact, actor Nicolas Cage.
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