‘Revenge’ Recap: A Popular Character Leaves The Hamptons Behind

The March 16 episode of ‘Revenge’ saw the return of a new and improved Emily. Aren’t you glad our girl is back and better than ever?

After weeks of teetering on the edge, Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) is back. The March 16 episode of Revenge brought the heroine back from the brink of darkness and in the process, she uncovered crucial information to use in her revenge plan. Plus, a character decided to leave the Hamptons — for good!

‘Revenge’ Recap: Patrick Leaves The Hamptons

After that episode-ending shocker, Jack (Nick Wechsler) hadn’t returned Stevie’s (Gail O’Grady) calls. Seriously Stevie, give the kid a few days to process this bombshell. In case he had any doubts, Stevie had proof. Stevie said goodbye to baby Jack a week after he was born and his father sent mementos to her over the years. She wanted to start fresh with her son, but without an explanation of why she left, Jack wanted to keep their lives separated.
At a local bar, friends of Jimmy Brennan paid tribute to their fallen friend. Patrick (Justin Hartley) sat at the bar ready to pounce when the wake was over. He let everyone in the room know that their friend was a rapist and then he spat on his picture! Patrick got himself into a very bloody fight after that and, of course, Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) came to rescue him. (I’m still waiting for answers on this whole Oedipus complex between these two.)
Emily’s dangerous blackouts hadn’t let up this week. This time, she woke up at her old place and destroyed her father’s infinity symbol. Upon realizing it, she freaked out and ran to Nolan’s (Gabriel Mann). Nolan offered to leave town with her. (If it’s wrong to have secret ‘shipper feelings for these two, then I don’t want to be right.) Emily ignored his request because she was determined to finish her revenge plan — by killing all the Graysons! (Bring. It. On.)

‘Revenge’ Recap: Drowning In Damage

After Emily’s shocking claim, Nolan went to the only person he knew could get through to her: Aiden (Barry Sloane). However, Aiden wasn’t initially inspired to help his former flame. She did try to kill him in a sense. Nolan said she was out of control and if she went through with her plan to kill all the Grayson’s, she wouldn’t come back.
Emily headed to the Southfork Inn to possibly kill Conrad (Henry Czerny), but was caught off-guard by another intruder. She hid under the bed and the next thing she knew she was being yanked from under it. She woke up in an abandoned warehouse with Aiden, who was there to protect her from herself. He wanted her to face her demons and get through to her subconscious by dunking her head underwater! (It was a bold method, especially since Emily’s mother tried to drown her all those years ago.)
Emily wasn’t going to play nice, though. Aiden told her that she was misdirecting her anger at those she cared about most because she was mad at herself. After a few dunks in the water, Emily admitted who was to blame for all the madness: her father, David Clarke (James Tupper). Just before her father was arrested, Emily remembered she caught Victoria and her father in bed. Emily ran off and David chased after her. Young Emily said Victoria hated her and knew she couldn’t be trusted. Hopelessly in love, David wouldn’t give Victoria up. Emily’s spent all these years wondering why her father didn’t listen her about Victoria.
Apparently, this one memory triggered Emily’s sanity. Bless you, Aiden. “You’re the only person who knew how to save me,” she told Aiden. (Help. My heart is breaking and jumping for joy at the same time.) Even though he fell for the wrong woman, she still needed to clear her father’s name. Aiden and Emily kissed and it was hot, as always.

‘Revenge’ Recap: Goodbye, And Good Luck

In preparation for an art fundraiser, Nolan hosted a meeting at his home. However, Victoria wasn’t there to talk art. She was there to talk about Patrick. She blamed Nolan for instigating Patrick’s need to find his father. Victoria told him about the rape and how the whole situation has spun out of control, leaving Nolan feeling a little bad for Victoria.
Nolan visited Patrick and tried to get through to him about his recent actions. Nolan claimed the Hamptons had changed Patrick. Nolan directed Patrick’s passion back toward his art by giving him a spot in the ArtWalk, which a prominent artist would be attending.
Upon showcasing some of his paintings, the artist offered Patrick a job, but Patrick was preoccupied with what Victoria was going to do to Stevie Grayson. After some soul-searching, Patrick realized he had to get out of the Hamptons. There were too many factors working against him here and he needed to start fresh. So long, sweet Patrick. I will miss your beautiful face and chiseled abs.

‘Revenge’ Recap: Works In Progress

At the cottage, Emily recalled a moment between her and her father. It was the moment he began carving out the infinity symbol. Jack showed up and wanted to talk about Stevie. He confessed to Stevie being his biological mother. He asked Emily if he should open up to Stevie. “She’s the only parent you’ve got,” Emily told him. Stevie made a mistake, but now she’s trying to make up for it. Jack held Emily’s hand and it was the sweetest. Emily also thanked Jack for giving her a second chance, too. (Every time I think I know who Emily should be with, something like this happens.)
In trying to get in Jack’s good graces, Stevie helped Jack get the house he wanted by making a call. Jack eventually allowed Stevie to open up to him. When Stevie lived in the Hamptons, she couldn’t live without a drink in her hand. She was in rehab when she found out she was pregnant with Jack. She told Jack she couldn’t be decent mother if she couldn’t take care of herself. “The Hamptons are full of triggers for me and the greatest are Conrad and Victoria,” she said. But now she was ready to face them. After this tearful admission, Jack asked her if she wanted to meet baby Carl. (It was too sweet for words.)
Nolan stopped by the cottage to give Emily the absolute best gift in the entire world: A new infinity box! Only her touch can open it, too. Emily thanked Nolan for everything he’d done for her. (Seriously, Nolan is a saint.) He asked Emily if she wanted a gin martini to celebrate her comeback and that triggered a new idea. Jack had called Emily earlier about his progress with Stevie and mentioned she was a recovering alcoholic. In David’s diary, he wrote about how Stevie wanted to take on his case, but she was soon disbarred for drinking. Stevie’s got a boatload of secrets and Emily was determined to learn every one of them. Could this have been what really drove Stevie out of town?
As always, Emily’s got more trouble on her hands. Daniel (Joshua Bowman) hired a private investigator to follow Emily because he believed she was conspiring with Conrad. However, the investigator came back with something even better for Daniel: photos of Emily and Aiden kissing! How will Emily crawl her way out of this one?
What did you think of tonight’s Revenge? Will you miss Patrick? Will Aiden and Emily every get back together? What secrets is Stevie hiding?

– Avery Thompson
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