Joe Jonas' Instagram Is Truly a Treasure Trove of Weird Pictures

Joe Jonas\' Instagram Is Truly a Treasure Trove of Weird Pictures
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Joe Jonas, graduate of the sibling rock band, The Jonas Brothers, is actually a big-time Instagram troll.
His Insta feed is chock-full of weird-ass pictures we’re assuming he stole from Tumblr or Reddit. Shit gets weird.
Like this one. He edited it himself.

It’s the Ellen DeGeneres “group selfie” from the Oscars.

This Her/Napoleon Dynamite mashup.

This Joe-Jonas-as-Flappy-Bird, which he captioned “Flappy Me.”

This picture of an unhappy snow-covered mountain.

This cool baby.

This wiener dog wearing a Mickey Mouse hat and hanging out with two dolls.

This young Juggalo couple in love.

This unsettling image of Joe as a pregnant woman.

This parrot wearing a hoodie.

This pug stuffed after too much pizza.

This big Kanye walking a little Kanye.

These cool brothers doing martial arts.

This man with a dog-shirt and this dog with a man-shirt.

This cat dressed as Chewbacca.

This picture of bald Kevin Jonas.

This uptight chipmunk.

This picture of Batman eating ramen.

This California guy walking his cats.

This picture of Joe and Nick with their faces swapped.

This picture of Joe with no hair AND a cat.

This cat trying to eat a turkey.

This picture of Shaq, choking out a seal.

This embryo drinking Starbucks.

These kids with dope haircuts.

This gorilla with a pug face.

This cat with a bunny hat.

This dog that loves water.

This picture of Joe with a TINY head and Nick with a LARGER head.

This dog with human hands.

This bunny with a pug face.

These royal pugs.

This incredibly happy dog.

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