Final 'Divergent' Trailer Explains Again What the Eff a Divergent Is

In case you've forgotten since August, Divergent is our latest thing where girl will put on some spandex and train to fight because of a rotten young-adult dystopia and something about boys. It's not just all fun and Hunger Games though. Set in a world where teenagers are divided by their talents and sent to their respective dystopian trade schools, star Shailene Woodley is: divergent! She doesn't fit into any of the usual categories, and for some reason that makes her fearless, able to daringly accomplish such feats as tackling a dog. It also makes her a threat to the establishment and Kate Winslet's Martha Stewart of the future. And so, as with so many episodes of Cops, we look on as an outcast, seemingly incapable of understanding risk and danger, violently fights back against the tyranny of the government. Here's the latest trailer:
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