Farrah Abraham’s New Song Is Called ‘BLOWIN.’ Not a Joke.

Farrah Abraham’s New Song Is Called ‘BLOWIN.’ Not a Joke.
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Farrah Abraham has a song and it’s called “Blowin.” [Insert p*rn star joke here]
The song is 100% indecipherable because of all the auto-tune, and the chopping, and the distortion of her singing voice. So, if you like challenging listening experiences, THIS IS THE SONG FOR YOU!
However, the Internet tells us that “Blowin” refers to “blowin all the bullies away.” Like, blowing all the haters away with her stardom? Sure. Okay.
At one point, she chants “Celebra D,” which we think is “celebrity,” but like we said…we can’t understand anything she’s saying. It's possible she enlisted the musical mastermind behind Rebecca Black's career.

But it’s cute because her daughter is in the music video.
However, the Internet has already accused her of exploiting her daughter by putting her on screen, so maybe it’s not that cute after all?

Her Twitter page is the star of the video, because cyber bullying? Maybe?

She takes a group selfie with bar patrons, AKA NOT the haters.

She drives in a car, because…?

The best part is the very end, which reveals that EXACTLY SIX people worked on the music video.

Be prepared to be BLOW’n away.
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